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Airlines have a responsibility to keep customers safe through every step of travel. Boarding the airplane is no exception. Unfortunately, the boarding process for people who utilize carts or wheelchairs is often more dangerous than for able-bodied passengers. In one case, an elderly woman with a degenerative spinal disease was dropped by airline personnel while transferring from her wheelchair to her seat. To add insult to injury, her chair was also dropped by baggage handlers. Her case was eventually tried to a jury who awarded $3.8 million.

Airport Cart Accidents Attorney

The Houston personal injury attorneys at Stepp Law Firm PLLC have spent more than 35 years fighting for people who have been injured, including individuals who have been unjustly treated by airlines, insurance companies, and other large entities. With more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our wheelchair accident attorneys in Houston have the resources and skill to fight for the result you need. When you’ve been injured or wronged by an airline or its contractors, call our firm to have a renowned attorney in your corner.

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How Airlines Are Failing to Keep Passengers Safe in Houston, Texas

When passengers require wheelchair or cart service, they’ll request it when ticketing. Those requests are then forwarded to contractors like ABM or PrimeFlight. The problem with this arrangement is that the contractor’s employees are rarely held to the same training and conduct standards as the airline’s employees. Passengers end up paying the price for low hiring standards, as these workers are not properly trained for this work.

When something does go wrong, it’s difficult to hold these contractors and workers accountable. These companies have a high turnover rate, so by the time, an investigation into the incident concludes, that employee is already gone. There’s little accountability, making traveling a little more unsafe for people with disabilities.

The same problem applies to airport cart accidents in Houston, Texas. Negligent drivers, high speeds, and crowded walkways mean heightened danger for airline passengers traveling between gates. Houston, Texas Cart accidents are no small thing. One crash in Minneapolis hospitalized two women. Another left a two-year-old boy with second-degree burns. Drivers who crashed carts blame airlines for pressuring them to get passengers to gates in less and less time.


At the end of the day, it’s airlines and airports who are responsible for travelers’ safety. Airline policy creates a culture of negligence that values speed over safety. Airline policy allows third-party contractors to hire the cheapest, least-capable labor to mishandle people with disabilities. The only way to force airlines to change is to hold them accountable in court. Our Houston airport cart accident lawyers have spent 35+ years advocating for the victims of negligence. We’ve helped our clients get justice, allowing them to get better medical care, care for their basic needs, and affirm their dignity as human beings. We believe that airlines can do better—and holding them accountable for your injuries is one of the tried-and-true methods for making that happen.

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