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When you’re putting in long hours on a construction or industrial site, you become accustomed to encountering hazards on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon to sustain an injury that requires medical attention.

In fact, 10 percent of construction workers get injured each year, and injuries from falls lead to an alarming number of fatalities.

So how do you respond if you are a victim of construction or industrial accidents?

Learn exactly what you need to do below.

Report the Accident Immediately to a Supervisor

The first mistake you can make is not reporting your injury or waiting too long to report it.

In the state of Texas, you have 2 years to file suit in a personal injury case, according to the statute of limitations.

Speak to a supervisor and file an injury report with the company’s Human Resources (HR) department. Getting information about the injury in writing lets you start the process and alerts your employer about the nature of it.

Depending on how the injury occurred, it might also prompt an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigation. As such, you should be ready to provide further information.

Get Medical Attention and an Overall Account of Your Injuries

Injuries from a construction or industrial accident can be life-changing or life-threatening. They may also require ongoing medical attention and physical therapy.

Because of this, you need to visit a physician that can take a proper account of your injuries.

Many patients opt for an urgent care clinic over the emergency room because the wait time is shorter and prices for treatment are cheaper. Urgent care clinics also have hours that run later than a typical physician’s office.

With construction and industrial accidents, you’re dealing with serious injuries like burns, internal injuries, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, concussions, and broken bones.

The sooner you get medical attention, the sooner you can get treatment and also build evidence for your case.

How Did the Injury Occur?

What led to your injuries?

The more detail you can remember, the better. You may also want to request surveillance footage and get testimony from witnesses.

Below are some of the most common types of accidents that lead to construction and industrial injuries.

Slip and Fall

More than 40 percent of construction and industrial fatalities are the result of a fall.

Contractors are often working on ladders, platforms, and scaffolds, which can lead to these dangerous falls. Get a full MRI and CT scan to know what injuries you’re dealing with.

Electrical Injuries

Electrocution is another common industrial workplace injury that leads to death or serious injury.

The severe burns and organ damage caused by electrical injuries routinely cost a whopping $4 million per person. With such damages at stake, you’ll need experienced personal injury lawyers to assist you.

Cranial Injuries

Head injuries are the most serious injuries you can endure. Your brain controls every process in your body, so a serious head injury can hamper your quality of life forever.

What’s more, cranial injuries are often hard to diagnose or detect, because the long-lasting effects don’t always show up right away.

With concussions, you can endure symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) more than a decade after the injury. Cranial injuries may also lead to chronic depression, light sensitivity, migraines, and even cognitive disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Loss of Finger or Limb

Working with sharp or combustible items can lead to the loss of a finger or limb.

This is a life-changing injury that leads to years of therapy as well as pain and suffering.

Retain an Attorney That Handles Construction and Industrial Injuries

You should retain a lawyer as quickly as possible because they can help you avoid costly mistakes. For instance, many injured people make the mistake of issuing a statement to the insurance company.

This often goes against your interests, since insurance companies can use your words against you later to hamstring your case and lessen your payout.

Work with your lawyer to document all evidence to support your case, so you can prove your injuries and ensure you receive the payout that you deserve.

Attend Physician Visits and Physical Therapy Sessions

Your case is reliant on your physician visits and physical therapy sessions.

For one, ongoing medical care is necessary for you to heal. Aside from this, your claim weakens if you fail to do your part to get medical attention.

These medical bills are recouped when you win your case, and failing to seek attention makes your claim appear illegitimate.

Think long-term with your damages so that you can get the payout you deserve. Depending on the injury, it could mean years of physical therapy and even psychiatric care.

Always get documentation from these professional visits and pass this evidence along to your attorney’s office.

Respond to Construction Site and Industrial Accidents Appropriately

Construction site and industrial accidents are serious business.

Since your health and ability to make a living is at stake, you need to treat the case with care. The tips above will give you a roadmap.

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